About Us

Being able to depend on a reputable and reliable family dental center is important to families in Idaho Falls. Parents enjoy discovering a professional dental clinic that is prepared to service children and adults because this saves parents time and eases their minds as they receive service from the same dentist their children visit. Machen Family Dentistry in Idaho Falls offers exceptional service at competitive prices and services people of all ages.

The Machen Family Dental Center in Idaho Falls is available to people who have had on-going dental care done and are seeking a new dentist, and also to people who have not been seen in many years. It is never too late for a person to begin caring for his or her teeth and the sooner the Machen Family Dental Center in Idaho Fall is contacted to schedule an appointment, the sooner the patient can begin receiving professional, quality dental care.

General dentistry care provides basic routine services to promote and maintain healthy teeth. Families who discover Dr. Machen’s quality family dentistry in Idaho Falls will be able to schedule appointments for cleanings, check-ups, maintenance services, consultations, X-rays, and more. Maintaining dental care now will save money and hassle in the future. Effective dental care is the best solution to avoiding tooth decay, chips, and other common dental problems that result in dental pain and discomfort.

Machen Family Dentistry provides reputable and quality services as a family dental center in Idaho Falls. Individuals and families in the area will have the opportunity to schedule a consultation with Dr. Machen to discuss their options for the best possible dental maintenance and care. People who do not procrastinate in taking care of their teeth will enjoy better dental health, and will be able to maintain their dental health and comfort through routine exams provided by a professional family dentist.