Wisdom Teeth Removal Solutions

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Third Molars (Wisdom Teeth)

Third molars (wisdom teeth) that are impacted, or appear to possibly cause a future problem, will most likely be recommended to be extracted. Wisdom teeth can also be extracted for  orthodontic purposes or to maintain good oral hygiene.

When Do They Come in?

Third molars usually come in during the late teenage years to early twenties.  Some third molars don’t have room to come in and are blocked by other teeth. This can cause the tooth to only come in crooked or half way leaving the gum tissues irritated, inflamed and possibly infected.

What Potential Issues can they Cause?

Some third molars never come in but can still cause issues by pushing against adjacent teeth under the bone, causing crowding and shifting of other teeth. Teeth that have not yet entered the mouth but are impacted under the gums have a potential to cause a cyst to form around the tooth and can eventually cause significant complications.

What solutions are Available?

Dr. Machen provides her patients with a comfortable and relaxing dental experience during extraction treatment. We provide our patients with the choice of sedation or nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Whichever the choice you make, we make sure that you leave our office having a great experience!